Monkee Yuan Design

Monkee Yuan is a circular monkey who is playful and likes cosplay. In MY (Monkee Yuan) Design, you will see several fan arts created based on anime. Pick any MY Design that you may like! Thank you for your support!

In mandarin, same pronunciation of a word with different characters may mean different things. The pronunciation of my last name "YUAN" (袁), can also mean circle (圆) or monkey (猿). Therefore I came up with this concept and design a circular monkey aka "MONKEE YUAN".  

Please check out Monkee Yuan LINE stickers below: 
Monkee Yuan LINE stickers (series 1)
Monkee Yuan LINE stickers (series 2)
Monkee Yuan LINE stickers (Holiday version)
Monkee Yuan LINE stickers (Year of Dog)

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Monkee Yuan NFTs in Opensea available for sale!

Black waves
Small waves
Small hills
Small shore